Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ten Quiet Minutes

Ten minutes to focus on nothing, that’s the goal. I won’t call it meditation, that’s too intimidating. Just want to settle my mind.  

I start the timer, and close my eyes.

My other senses heighten, and immediately the click-clack of a familiar set of canine nails on hardwood can be heard getting nearer and finally stopping. What the hell, I’m already sharing the recliner with a feline, best not to discriminate among the species that share my home.

Dammit. Already off on a train of thought and only twenty seconds in.

I peak one eye open and Cyclops-style eye contact is all it takes. The piglet is in my lap. No, I don’t have a pig, but I do have a pitbull/beagle cross (a Pigle, get it?) who is affectionately referred to as the piglet. He settles on my lap and begins to make a convulsive gulping. I’m focused on him now, forget quiet time, I’m not getting puked on—

After a few more seconds, he rests his head on the cat. She meows her dissent but doesn’t budge.

Ah. Quiet time can begin.

Hey, you know this would make a great blog post. MAYBE I should do one on each of the seven daily habits I’m trying to develop this year. Yeah, I could even—

Bad. Girl.

It’s quiet time. Deep breath. I repeat a couple of different sentences, testing out a mantra or two. My life is full of blessings. Stuff like that.

Piglet sighs, raises his head off the cat, and rests it instead on my shoulder. It’s amazing, when you think about it. You’d think dogs, cats, piglets, they have ample quiet time. But it’s not really quiet. A distant car door slams and Booker, my shepherd, gives a tentative huff. Zip raises his head and mumbles a warning. ‘Hey, did you hear that?’

No more sounds invade the quiet and I think I’m finally getting the hang of this quiet stuff—

The timer bleeps, indicating my ten minutes is up.

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